The Newsroom - Keynews - Premiere: Noblekey®-Vintage Porsche

With great positive response we presented the design study of the new "Noblekey®-Vintage Porsche" at this year's "Techno Classica" in Essen.

Thereby the new vintage key inspired with its elegance and sportiness at the same time. The key style appealed to the customers with its special mix of sterling silver, black car-laquer, black leather and its distinctive style elements of the typical "Porsche face" in the form of a lowered hood and the set out of the headlights.

Convince yourself of the beauty of this sportive "Noblekey®-Vintage Porsche" and look at the first pictures of this design study:

Noblekey®-Vintage Porsche

Live pictures of this unique hand-made key will come soon!